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i love this game so much, it's so peaceful yet difficult to play! i'm not entirely sure if this was a bug, but i think a soldier damaged my house, and no matter how many ppl tried to fix the building, it never recovered. and, sometimes, when a soldier kills a single person, the game over screen pops up, even though everyone else is still alive. but i still loved it all very much! thank you so much for the game, it's so hectic and adorable!


I can’t really feel too bad when the little fuckers die because they eat so quickly and the ones assigned to fruit picking don’t continue when the fruit grows back.


Hahaha right? Fuck 'em


It's super hard but fun



I like your game very much. The color palette and graphics looks very well.

I will played it in my youtube channel. Good work.

Awesome! Thank you very much :) We'll update it soon with bug fixes and various improvements! So give it a few days ;) Please share your channel with us so we can suscribe


I "played Rise of Jericho" in two videos that I uploaded to my channel.

it talks about creating indie videogames in Spanish and, in the last videos, I talked about how to create a marketing plan for an indie developer.

I played lasta version and I liked the new improvements in the game.

Buenisimo video! Muchas gracias por jugar y compartir nuestro juego compa :) Toda la suerte del mundo para ti y tu canal!