Hakai is the most powerful corporation in a decaying world. You're a ninja infiltrating into their headquarters and now you have the chance to steal a Top Secret suitcase from their office.

Will you be able to escape and deliver the suitcase in order to take down Hakai?

- Controls -
Arrow keys: Move
Space/ Up:
Down: Slide


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Great game and so fun to play. Keep it up guys!

Thank you very much!! We will :)


Man I'm still playing this game! Awesome job! I got the case but fell off a building.. :S So fun!


What a fantastic example of keeping your scope small and doing it well


Wow, this is great!

Great but not related to theme.

It's about corporation secrecy, isn't that super secret?

Cool Looking Game! Also fun to play: bit confused on how it relates to the theme but it is certainly fun!

You're stealing a top secret suitcase from Hakai, a massive corporation that's destroying the world


In love with this game! Amazing work! -Did I stutter?


Epic game


Controls took a few secs for me to get the hang of but ultimately really good, I love the whole case mechanic where you can grab it again, the case mechanic really adds a lot of to the runner genre. And the music is awesome!

Hahah yeah, the controls can be a little tricky at first and you have to play a few times before being able to move smoothly between buildings but once you do it's pure adrenaline

I was also mildly confused by the controls. I think I expected, like in platformers, that the arrow keys would be the primary way I move. Instead, it's the jumping that really matters, and the arrow keys perform a comparably  smaller role. This isn't bad, but I personally came in expecting something different. I bet some work on the tutorialization in the future could help!

It's really quite good overall. I think you should be proud!