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Co-op shoot ‘em up for 2 players!
Combine your skills and work together to chase criminals and catch bad guys... on jet-skis!

Coming for: PC and consoles
Developed by: Sudaka Games


Grab a partner and decide who's who:

    Jet                                    Sky       
    Drives                                                Shoots    
    Drive                                        Aim
    Dash                                        Shoot
                                                              Secondary Weapon

And team up to fight crime!

You can also play solo by controlling both characters on one controller (works for split-control too)


Each of the 12 missions will feature

  • Unique location
  • Unique enemies
  • 2 mini-bosses and a final boss
  • An 80's cartoon style cinematic
  • In-game dialogs

The players will have to work together by combining their best skills in order to fight crime and save The City and eventually, humanity.


Jet & Sky are two old friends from high school who spend their lives protecting The City from crime and bad guys who threat to disturb the safety.  For this, they are equipped with Sarah3000, the last technology in A.I. for jet-skis.

After an encounter with their old nemesis Prof. Greed, Jet and Sky make a horrible discovery. Dr.Jenkins, a crazy scientist who hates everyone because... because he's evil, is building an army of cyborg animals and is planning to invade The City!

Jet and Sky are the only ones able to stop him, but they didn’t expect him to have a trap that would send them to another planet.

Will Jet and Sky be able to return to Earth before it’s too late?

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